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Football (Soccer) Club "Schorfheide" Joachimsthal

International Info Joachimsthal is a little town near Germany'scapital city Berlin, in eastern Germany. Our club is meanwhile 99 years old. At this time we have 250 members in our club, therefrom up to 70% kids and teens, boys and girls.

The first men team plays in the 7th league, called Landesklasse. Some of our youth teams play in gaming pools with other clubs from thelowest leagues up to Brandenburg's highest league.

We have not the capacity to present our complete site in english. For additional information please contact us via eMail.

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FSV Schorfheide Joachimsthal
c/o Daniel Schneider
Schönebecker Straße 33
16247 Joachimsthal

Tel.: +49 (0)173 61 50 397
Mail: fsv@fsv-schorfheide.de
Web: www.fsv-schorfheide.de


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